July 20, 2024
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Bomb threats

Jaipur Bomb Threats

bomb threats

According to a report by the news agency PTI, at least four schools in the capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur, were targeted with bomb threats via email on Monday. As a precautionary measure, students and staff members were evacuated from the affected schools, while police teams, accompanied by bomb squads and K-9 units, swiftly responded to the scene. This alarming development occurred just 12 days after a similar wave of threats rattled more than 150 schools in Delhi-NCR, causing widespread fear and anxiety.

Confirming the situation, Jaipur Police Commissioner Biju George Joseph stated, “Four to five schools have received bomb threats, and police personnel have been dispatched to these locations.” The threats were communicated via email, and efforts are underway to ascertain the identity of the sender, the police department added.

On the preceding Sunday, 20 hospitals, the Indira Gandhi International Airport, and the Northern Railways’ CPRO office in Delhi also received bomb threats through email communications. While the threats directed at Delhi schools originated from a mailing service based in Russia, the threats to hospitals and other facilities were traced back to a Europe-based mailing service company named ‘beeble.com’, according to officials.

Describing the modus operandi, a police officer informed PTI that the threatening email was sent to one hospital with identical copies forwarded to others, all containing the same ominous message. The sender’s email address was identified as “courtgroup03@beeble.com,” and efforts are ongoing to trace the associated IP address, with cyber officials leading the investigation.

The content of the threatening email explicitly warned of explosive devices planted within the targeted buildings, with a dire ultimatum for authorities to disarm the bombs within a limited timeframe. Allegedly orchestrated by a group called ‘Court’, the message conveyed a chilling threat of violence.

Authorities suspect that the email was sent using a VPN or proxy server to obfuscate the sender’s IP address, complicating efforts to track down the perpetrator. The Delhi Police Special Cell is anticipated to initiate legal proceedings and conduct a thorough investigation into the matter, as stated by a police official quoted by PTI.

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