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Willum Skeener

Struggling to sell one multi-million dollar home currently on the market won’t stop actress and singer Jennifer Lopez from expanding her propestate holdings an eight-plus acre estate in Bel-Air anchored by a Struggling to sell one multi-million dollar home uiurrently on the market won’t stop actress and singer Jennifer.

Classified ads & Business Directory Plugin

The Best Classified Listing and Business Directory Plugin for WordPress to create Classified ads website, job directory, local business directory and service directory. Classified Listing is a fully responsive WordPress plugin by using this plugin you can create a classified listing website easily. The classified Listing plugin will work with any standard coding WordPress Theme. You can display your store with a banner, opening time with description and arrange your post under your store using the store addon.

This plugin included all necessary features that need to build a classified listing website. It has a wide range of back-end settings for site admin and front-end ad posting management systems like users can add/ edit / delete their post at any time. Classified Listing Pro plugin support WPML plugin Language with its own MultiLingual addon.

All in on Post Grid Plugin for WordPress

Customize your Post title by placing the title position above or below some Grid, Isotope, and Slider layout. Select the title’s heading tag from the header list, and limit the number of texts. Find this setting under shortcode generator or Elementor widgets. Highlight the category of your posts by changing position from top to bottom and left to right over the hover image. Enable category icons or hide them based on 3 predefined styles.

Grab your users attention by displaying post excerpts in a vivid way. Configure Post Grid excerpt settings in the Shortcode addon and Elementor widget. Set your posts short extract limit to adjust with the grid layouts. Choose your excerpts type in character or word format. Add additional dots or text for displaying extra texts.

Best WordPress Team Members Plugin

Team is the best WordPress team plugin that facilitates the best display of your team members on your site. It is 100% responsive and mobile friendly, which guarantees the best views across all devices. This team members WordPress plugin is user and developer-friendly, so it is easy to customize and use as you wish. With the Team plugin, you can showcase your team members in various layouts, including grids and isotope.  You can then choose whether you want the profile images of your team members to appear in square or rounded shapes.

This Team members slider & showcase plugin makes the displays fully customizable, so you can create unique team showcases for your site. Its shortcode generator gives you an additional customization option and extra easy control over your layouts. You can use the plugin’s shortcode and widget to display team member profiles with grid and isotope views

Variation swatches for WooCommerce

Variation swatches for WooCommerce is a gorgeous and unique plugin that comes with unbelievable functions. This plugin enables you to add labels, images, and colors to give your customers the ultimate experience. The plugin by RadiusTheme is a creative work of art that will give your customers comfort and increase your sales with the most fantastic variation features. The variation swatches plugin is comparable with our Variation images gallery plugin

Free version available in wordpress.org 10,000+ active installations.

Rather than the default dropdown fields, this plugin allows you to display WooCommerce variations in labels, colors, and images. These options ensure that customers choose the products they want comfortably and make purchases quickly.

You can beautify your online shop by customizing the color of the border and the background as well as image. The standout feature of this plugin is Tooltip. For your swatches, you can choose square or rounded layouts, tooltip background, font color and size, and tooltip control. With the ease of customization and installation, you can edit the look of your shop extensively.

Nevertheless, having the WooCommerce Variation Images Gallery, you get to add unlimited extra images for every variation. This plugin facilitates an incredible editing range, with a straightforward custom sorting option. As customers enjoy unlimited images with different angles, they are likelier to make more purchases. Whenever your clients want to view a different product variation, they get one image that simultaneously combines all the variations, such as image, color, and style. Therefore, this plugin showcases a different set of images each time a customer selects a particular blend of different product descriptions. Your customers can then select the actual products that they want before making a purchase.

This plugin supports video embeds from YouTube and Vimeo, as well as your own video. Suppose you want to showcase what your products can do or describe them in a video for more sales. In that case, the Variation Images Gallery for the WooCommerce plugin allows you to do this straightforwardly. The plugin comes with a thumbnail carousel slider option, too; this comes in handy when your images or videos can’t be displayed. You can change the position of the thumbnail image slider; you can position it to the left, right, or bottom.

With the Variation Images Gallery plugin for WooCommerce, it is easy to enable or disable the use of an arrow for your slider navigation. What’s more, you can activate the adaptive slider height to make it change according to the particular page’s appearance.

For better viewing of the products, you can zoom any of your variation images. You can change the position of the button that controls the zooming action. This control provides your customers with the best views of the products on your pages and allows them to choose those that interest them. The Variation Images Gallery plugin has a lightbox for variation images too. The Lightbox is a JavaScript library that showcases videos and images by filling out the screen and blurring or dimming out the rest of the page. It appears to be illuminated from behind to highlight the product images you want to showcase even more clearly and elegantly.

Testimonial Slider and Showcase for WordPress

WordPress Testimonial Slider & Showcase is a fully Responsive & Mobile friendly plugin to display your client’s testimonials in Grid, Carousel Slider and Isotope View. It is fast and easy to generate grid from the admin end and insert into the page/post. You can Display testimonials by any category(s) also Order posts by Id, Title, Created date, RANDOM and Menu order.

Express your Restaurant Website with Food Menu

Food Menu is a stellar WordPress restaurant menu plugin, which we’ve crafted to perfection. Our plugin allows you to showcase your food menu items for your food business – whichever kind it is. Dull menu displays are not as easy to use and present food items for your visitors. If you want lots of visitors to purchases your food, you have to incorporate this WordPress restaurant menu plugin.

This theme offers 11 layouts with a grid, isotope, and slider variations to give you more options for aa fantastic menu. The grid variation has 5 layouts with category-based designs, as does the isotope filter that has 3 designs. On the other hand, the 3 sliders have carousel slider designs. What’s more, the grid variations have two more options – even grid and masonry grid, where you can decide whether to give your menus margins or not.

Food Menu Pro offers 4 types of paginations, including standard number pagination, Ajax number pagination, load more, and load on scrolling. These options provide you with the chance to display your menus uniquely.

This restaurant menu plugin allows you to filter items by category and sort their order by id, title, date posted, price, or randomly. You can drag and drop ingredients onto your food data content before adding quantity and unit. Food Menu also allows you to add nutrition details this way. You can enable ingredients, nutrition details, and reviews on individual food items.

You can select the currency you want to deal with on your menu as well as its display position. With Food Menu Pro, your users can order food items in a drag and drop interface.

You have control over all colors and fonts on your menu with this WordPress restaurant menu plugin. You can also add multiple images for the gallery that will show in the detail page and the popups.

After preparing your menu, you can see a preview of the result in the details page. You can see a layout preview of the menu in the shortcode generator too. You can also set a single item to pop up with details and catch the users’ attention.

Food Menu Pro WordPress restaurant menu plugin is fully responsive and mobile-friendly. Therefore, your users can view beautiful versions of your website from their desktops, laptops, and handheld devices.

WordPress Review and Structured Data Schema Plugin

WordPress Review Plugin with JSON-LD based Structure Data Schema solution for your website. Add Schema.org Structured Data to enhance your website in Google Search Results. This review schema WordPress plugin will generate auto schema markup for page, post, custom post type and WooCommerce. You can also manually edit the schema data. This WordPress review plugin offers a single or multi-criteria base review and rating for page, post, custom post type and WooCommerce.

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