July 21, 2024
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LSG Controversy: KL Rahul and Goenka Clash

KL Rahul

Lucknow Super Giants found themselves in a peculiar situation following the widely-discussed on-field incident involving captain KL Rahul and co-owner Sanjeev Goenka. The animated exchange between the two post the match against Sunrisers Hyderabad stirred a frenzy on social media, spawning various speculations. Even LSG assistant coach Lance Klusener had to clarify the conversation between KL Rahul and franchise owner Goenka during the pre-match press conference before the Delhi Capitals encounter. Klusener characterized it as a “spirited discussion” between “two cricket enthusiasts,” while a post by Rahul’s wife Athiya Shetty ignited further controversy. Following a resounding 10-wicket loss to Sunrisers Hyderabad, a video of the intense discussion between Rahul and Goenka went viral.

As news of the publicized conversation surfaced, rumors emerged about Rahul’s potential departure from the franchise next season. Klusener dismissed any potential rift between the two, asserting that it is a minor issue for LSG.

“I see no issue with a lively discussion between two cricket aficionados. For us, it’s much ado about nothing. It’s not a major concern,” remarked LSG assistant coach Klusener in the pre-match press conference on Monday ahead of their clash against DC on Tuesday.

In the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024 season, Rahul has encountered difficulties in scoring runs at a brisk pace. The seasoned wicketkeeper-batsman has amassed 460 runs in 12 matches, averaging 38.33 with a strike rate of 136.09.

Despite his struggles to deliver rapid innings early in the game, Klusener believes KL Rahul has demonstrated his quality and hasn’t performed poorly this season.

“It’s a lengthy tournament, and it’s been noted that very few batters maintain consistent form throughout 15 or 16 games. KL has shown his class, and I don’t think he’s performed poorly. We have high expectations of him, and I believe he’s on the verge of a breakthrough,” Klusener added.

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