July 20, 2024
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Sajjan Jindal: Global Advocate for Sustainability

Sajjan JindalSteel Titan with a Green Heart: Stepping beyond the realm of steel production, Sajjan Jindal has emerged as a champion for environmental sustainability and corporate responsibility on the global stage. His leadership extends far beyond the boardroom, shaping a greener future through strategic action and unwavering commitment. Leading the Charge for Change: As the

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Sajjan Jindal: Building Futures Through Education & Empowerment

Sajjan Jindal’s story mirrors the rise of modern India. As the 1980s ushered in an era of economic growth and industrial transformation, Jindal, at the helm of JSW Steel, not only carved a niche in the steel industry but also emerged as a champion for social change. His impact, however, extended far beyond steel, driven

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Sajjan Jindal Forges India’s Steel Renaissance

From Engineer to Industry Titan: Sajjan Jindal’s visionary leadership transforms a family business into a global steel giant, shaping India’s industrial landscape. The Indian steel industry, once mired in tradition and government control, faced a crossroads in the 1980s. As economic reforms swept the nation, a young engineer named Sajjan Jindal stepped onto the scene,

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Diplomatic dispute escalates; Israel declares Brazil President Lula Da Silva unwelcome for comparing Gaza wars to the Holocaust

Brazilian President Lula Da Silva compared the Isreal’s operation in Gaza to the holocaust and called it a “genocide” triggering a strong response from Tel Aviv making them “livid”. What’s happening in the Gaza strip isn’t a war, it’s not a war of soldiers against soldiers, it’s a war between a highly prepared army and

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Air strikes hit southern Lebanon, 14 injured.

Two air strikes have bee reported in the vicinity of the coastal Lebanese town of Ghaziyeh. Witnesses in the area heard loud explosions and saw thick black smoke. Lebanese state media have identified these strikes as Israeli, with reports suggesting that a car was hit.

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EU begins formal probe into TikTok over child protection

The European Union(EU) on Monday began a formal probe against TikTok into alleged violations of rules to protect minors online under a law mandating digital content policing

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Here What’s In Battle field Animal Need Edition Neardummy text

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