July 25, 2024
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Toni Kroos Announces Retirement After Euros


Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos has announced his decision to retire from football following this summer’s European Championship, where he will play for Germany. Kroos, 34, joined Real Madrid in 2014 and has since won 22 trophies with the club, including four Champions League titles and four LaLiga titles, adding to his previous Champions League win with Bayern Munich. The German midfielder had previously hinted at retirement in 2022 but decided to extend his career by another season.

“After 10 years, at the end of the season this chapter comes to an end,” Kroos shared on Instagram. He expressed gratitude towards everyone who supported him, particularly the Madrid fans. “I am happy and proud that I could choose the right timing for my decision,” Kroos added, emphasizing his desire to retire at the peak of his performance.

Toni had also announced his return to international football with Germany in February, having initially retired from international duty in 2021. His decision to retire from professional football has taken many by surprise, including those close to the Real Madrid dressing room.

Real Madrid recently won LaLiga and will compete against Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League final at Wembley on June 1. Despite the shock, the club expressed gratitude for Kroos’s contributions. “We thought he’d stay, but we’re forever grateful,” a club source told ESPN.

Kroos confirmed his decision in a special episode of his podcast, “Einfach mal Luppen,” stating, “I’ve been thinking about it for months, and it’s what I want. … I want you to remember that I went out at my best.”

Real Madrid issued a statement expressing their gratitude to Toni, celebrating his significant impact on the club. “Toni Kroos arrived at our club in 2014 and has been a fundamental player in one of the most successful periods in Real Madrid’s history,” the statement read.

Kroos began his professional career with Bayern Munich, making his debut in September 2007 and winning the Champions League in 2013 before moving to Madrid. He became an integral part of Real Madrid’s iconic midfield trio alongside Luka Modric and Casemiro. Reflecting on his career, Kroos had always maintained, “I won’t go anywhere else. I’ll retire here.”

Source: https://www.espn.in/football/story/_/id/40189604/toni-kroos-retire-euro-2024-real-madrid

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