July 25, 2024
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Djokovic Grit Shines in Late-Night Victory Over Musetti

In the third set and early stages of the fourth, Novak Djokovic, down two sets to one against Lorenzo Musetti, seemed bewildered. His shots fluctuated between being erratic and weak, while his body language appeared tense and deflated. Djokovic himself admitted he was at a loss for what to do during this period, a sentiment

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Adventure Health

Resonance from Kedarnath: A Mountain Melody of Hope

Nestled in the lofty Himalayas, where peaks touch the sky with their snow-capped majesty, lies Kedarnath, an ancient shrine revered through the ages. Pilgrims, fueled by unwavering faith in Lord Shiva, have traversed perilous paths to this sacred sanctuary for centuries. Yet, in 2013, a devastating flood ravaged Kedarnath, leaving it in ruins. Amidst the

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