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Nitish Kumar Development Agenda: Banking on BJP 2019 Success

Nitish Kumar

Nitish Kumar needs the BJP to replicate its 2019 Lok Sabha success, which prompted his recent alliance switch. Banking on his development work over the past two decades, Kumar aims to secure votes and his political future until the next assembly elections. Shrawan Kumar, a close ally and minister for rural development, is actively campaigning to help JD(U) retain its previous tally. Shrawan Kumar, who has won every assembly election from the Nalanda seat since 1995, shared insights during his campaign.

The response so far has been positive. Shrawan Kumar has visited several districts, including Banka, Katihar, Purunea, Nawada, Gaya, and Munger, receiving encouraging feedback. Despite past alliance changes, he believes voters are not confused due to extensive coordination meetings across various levels, which have resolved any differences.

The campaign emphasizes development and the strong Modi-Nitish partnership. Kumar highlights the achievements of their double-engine government, stressing improvements in the economy and significant state-level work. Employment is a key issue, with Kumar countering Tejashwi Yadav’s claims by pointing out that over seven lakh jobs have been created since Nitish Kumar took office. Additionally, initiatives like the Jeevika scheme have empowered over 1.30 crore women, making them self-reliant and reducing reliance on private money lenders. The state has also provided 30,000 jobs to women in the police force.

The recent caste survey conducted during the JD(U)-RJD alliance revealed that 94 lakh households lack jobs or employment, prompting plans to connect these individuals with employment opportunities in the next five years. The government also aims to provide financial assistance for housing and toilets to improve livelihoods.

Regarding the Lok Sabha polls’ impact on the upcoming assembly elections, Shrawan Kumar believes that different issues will dominate each election. He is confident that the work done in Bihar will benefit JD(U) in the Vidhan Sabha polls, with a significant portion of tasks, like providing power to households and farms, nearing completion.

Addressing concerns about the BJP’s ambition of 400 plus seats, he reassures that the Constitution will not be changed, and the opposition’s claims will not resonate with the public. Despite previous attacks from Chirag Paswan during the assembly polls, current coordination is smooth, with joint rallies and conferences being held.

Shrawan Kumar dismisses speculation about the BJP potentially replacing Nitish Kumar as chief minister, stating that such a move would backfire on the BJP. He credits Nitish Kumar’s popularity to his vision for the underprivileged, drawing parallels to the work of Gandhi, Ambedkar, and other leaders. Kumar’s initiatives have significantly improved the living conditions of women, girls, and youth in Bihar.

Regarding Tejashwi Yadav’s campaign, Shrawan Kumar notes that it predominantly attracts Yadav community members, unlike their inclusive rallies. He criticizes Yadav’s campaign for lacking new ideas and relying on the legacy of Lalu Prasad Yadav to mobilize support.

Source: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/elections/lok-sabha/bihar/despite-bjp-getting-equal-number-of-seats-in-bihar-nitish-kumar-to-play-big-role-at-centre/articleshow/110713416.cms?from=mdr

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