July 21, 2024
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Meloni and Modi’s Viral Selfie Sparks Global Delight


The internet is captivated by an endearing interaction between Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Their heartfelt exchange, captured in a selfie video, has quickly gone viral. The video, featuring the two leaders greeting their global audience with a cheerful “Hello from the Melodi team,” was shared on social media during the G7 Summit in Italy. Giorgia Meloni, Italy’s first female Prime Minister, is celebrated for her dynamic leadership and engaging public presence. Narendra Modi, serving his third term as India’s Prime Minister, is equally recognized for his charismatic engagement with international leaders and citizens alike. Their friendship, prominently displayed at various international summits, was once again evident at the G7 Summit held in Apulia, Italy. The video shows Meloni initiating the greeting with her signature warmth, followed by Modi’s laughter, reflecting the cordial relationship between the two nations. This light-hearted moment took place on June 14, 2024, and was shared by Meloni on her official social media account with the caption, “Hi friends, from #Melodi,” which has since garnered widespread attention and affection from netizens around the world. One user commented, “How cute they look 😍 modi ji smile 😍”, while another commented, “She is loving the memes along with Modi ji 😂😂Rare win for shippers !!” and yet another user alluded to the ‘shipping’ of the two PMs with this comment, “They both know everything abt the rumours 😂😂”

Their camaraderie extends beyond this viral video. Previously, the two leaders had clicked a selfie at the G20 Summit in Delhi and COP28 in Dubai, underscoring their ongoing rapport. The hashtag “Melodi,” a blend of their names, has been trending across various social media platforms, symbolizing the friendly ties between India and Italy. During the G7 Summit, Modi and Meloni held bilateral talks focusing on enhancing defense and energy cooperation. They discussed strengthening defense industrial collaboration and expressed satisfaction with the progress of the India-Italy Strategic Partnership. The leaders also emphasized the need to expand commercial ties in sectors such as clean energy, manufacturing, space, science and technology, telecommunications, artificial intelligence, and critical minerals.

This viral moment is a testament to the power of digital diplomacy and the ability of world leaders to connect with a global audience through personal and relatable content. The “Hello from the Melodi team” greeting not only showcases the personal chemistry between Modi and Meloni but also highlights the strong bilateral relations between their countries. As the video continues to charm viewers, it serves as a reminder of the positive impact that such interactions can have on international relations and public engagement.

Source: https://www.hindustantimes.com/world-news/melodi-italy-giorgia-meloni-selfie-narendra-modi-g7-summit-101718429505195.html

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