July 20, 2024
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Goa Pharma Firms Criticized for Hiring Outside State


Pharmaceutical companies, a significant part of Goa manufacturing sector and employment source, are facing criticism for holding recruitment camps outside the state. Indoco Remedies canceled a recruitment camp in Boisar, suburban Mumbai, citing unavoidable circumstances and Chief Minister Pramod Sawant’s intervention. In a letter to CM Sawant on May 22, Indoco Remedies, which operates a plant at Goa’s Verna Industrial Estate and planned walk-in interviews in Boisar on May 24, stated that the interviews were canceled due to “unavoidable circumstances and your personal intervention.”

Encube Ethicals also faced backlash for hosting a walk-in interview drive in Pune. Opposition parties in the state accused these companies of avoiding hiring Goans, calling it an “affront to Goa.” Goa Forward’s Vijai Sardesai led the opposition, accusing the government of failing to ensure that local candidates are given first preference by Goa-based pharmaceutical companies. Sardesai argued that holding interviews outside the state is a deliberate attempt to bypass hiring locals, especially when the state’s unemployment rate is higher than the national average. He urged the CM to intervene and support Goans struggling to find jobs, questioning the benefit of having industries in the state if locals do not benefit.

The Congress party and the Revolutionary Goans echoed these sentiments. Congress’ Sunil Kawthankar demanded an audit of Goan employees in all pharma industries in the state and called for 80% job reservations for Goans. Despite the outrage, Encube Ethicals proceeded with their recruitment camp.

Sardesai emphasized that the companies’ actions highlight the government’s indifference towards local job seekers and leniency towards these companies. He called for regulations or policies to protect local job opportunities. The issue of job reservation for locals has been a longstanding political topic in the state. In January, Sardesai announced plans to introduce a Private Members’ Bill to reserve 80% of private sector jobs for locals.

However, state industries minister Mauvin Godinho deemed this move impractical. Instead, he suggested linking local employment to incentives, proposing that only industries employing locals be eligible for government concessions.

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