July 21, 2024
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Courtois & Mateo Lead White Week at Real Madrid School

Real Madrid

Thibaut Courtois and Chus Mateo took the spotlight during the opening day of White Week at the Universidad Pública Real Madrid Graduate School. Moderated by Emilio Butragueño, Real Madrid’s director of Institutional Relations, the event featured the Belgian goalkeeper Courtois who shared, “Fighting adversity isn’t easy; you need to have confidence and believe in yourself. Professionalism is key in your work. Many will remember you for your football career, but many more will remember how you conduct yourself daily.”

Lessons from Injury

“Staying positive is crucial. In August, I cried because the worst injury in football, a cruciate ligament tear, happened to me. But I decided to work hard and come back stronger. My goal was to remain positive, fight, never give up, and find my limits. Many thought my season was over, but I knew it wasn’t.”

Real Madrid’s Distinctive Value

“From the outside, you see the grandeur, but being inside Real Madrid reveals its true impact on world football. Every year, they compete to win the Champions League. The club is the best in the world, and being inside shows you its reach. Traveling worldwide, you realize the extent of its influence.”

Career Highlights

“There are two standout moments for me. One was a game against Galatasaray where I made several key saves, boosting my confidence. The other was winning the Champions League final against Liverpool. Making numerous saves and being named man of the match was one of my best football memories.”

Chus Mateo on White Week During Final Four Week

Prior to Courtois’ session, Chus Mateo opened the 2024 White Week discussing the pursuit of excellence: “Managing a club like Real Madrid, with its high demands, is not easy, but I’ve learned a lot from my colleagues. I value the mix of experience and talent. The group is most important. Real Madrid always comes first. Reaching the Final Four isn’t due to one person’s brilliance but the team’s collective effort.”

Real Madrid Values

​​“Joining this club makes you realize its immense scale. Some things are hard to believe until you experience them here, like the relentless spirit. Real Madrid instills a never-give-up attitude. Watching their football and basketball teams, you see miracles that seem unique to this club. This spirit creates lasting success, unlike other clubs where it might be fleeting. Last year, our play-off victory over Partizan was because we fought until the end.”

Advice for Success

“Hard work is essential. Failure also contributes to growth because losing shapes you. My advice is not to force things. You need to work hard, but forcing outcomes is ineffective. Success comes naturally if you stay committed and prioritize what’s important. You can’t rush to achieve goals; they happen in their own time, and you must be prepared to seize the moment when it arrives.”

Other Speakers

White Week’s first day also featured Francisco Panadero, Real Madrid’s Director of Infrastructures and Asset Development, who spoke on asset development. Pilar Jericó, president of BeUp and a visiting professor from Georgetown, discussed essential leadership.

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