July 20, 2024
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Biden Considers Military Force to Defend Taiwan from China


In a recent interview with Time magazine, US President Joe Biden did not rule out the potential use of American military force to defend Taiwan should China invade. Biden clarified his stance on Taiwan’s defense, highlighting the various forms of military deployment, as reported by ANI. “Not ruling out using US military force. There’s a distinction between deploying on the ground, air power and naval power,” he explained during the interview conducted at the White House on May 28. Biden also mentioned his communication with Chinese President Xi Jinping, stating that while the US does not support Taiwan’s independence, it will continue to bolster Taiwan’s defense capabilities. “If China tries to change the status quo unilaterally, we’re continuing to supply capacity [to Taiwan],” he affirmed, adding that the US has been consulting with its regional allies.

During the interview, Biden was asked if the US would launch strikes from bases in Japan or the Philippines in case of conflict. He responded, “I can’t get into that. You would then criticise me with good reason if I were to tell you.” The Time article also noted comments from CIA Director William Burns, who disclosed that Xi had instructed his military to be ready for an invasion of Taiwan by 2027. Despite recent talks aimed at easing tensions between Biden and Xi, US-China relations remain strained over Taiwan.

Taiwan’s new President, Lai Ching-te, perceived by Beijing as a “separatist,” has further heightened tensions. Following Lai’s inauguration on May 20, China conducted military drills around Taiwan, describing them as a response to separatist actions. Lai’s call for Beijing to stop intimidating Taiwan in his inaugural speech added to the friction. The US, maintaining unofficial relations with Taiwan, continues to supply the island with arms for self-defense. In the interview, Biden also criticized China’s economic policies and the Belt and Road Initiative, calling it a “nuisance graveyard initiative.” He stressed the need for stronger cooperation with European and Asian allies and better relations with developing countries to sustain US global leadership.

On June 2, a trilateral meeting in Singapore involving US Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin, Japan’s Minister of Defense Kihara Minoru, and South Korea’s Minister of National Defence Shin Won-sik reaffirmed the importance of a peaceful resolution to the Taiwan issue. Regional peace was emphasized as crucial for international security. Austin also met with his Chinese counterpart, Dong Jun, to discuss concerns over China’s military activities near Taiwan. Additionally, the US House Appropriations Committee has proposed a bill to provide USD 500 million in military financing for Taiwan, along with up to USD 2 billion in loans, to enhance deterrence across the Taiwan Strait.

Source: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/defence/us-president-biden-says-not-ruling-out-using-military-force-to-defend-taiwan/articleshow/110719821.cms?from=mdr

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